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Welcome to Rolland and Heidi Baker Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the support and fulfillment of Rolland and Heidi's personal callings and ministries.

The purpose of Rolland and Heidi Baker Ministries is

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Dr. Rolland Baker


Rolland Baker began Iris Global in 1980 with his wife Heidi, and has been a missionary for more than thirty years. Since 1995 they have seen a miraculous people movement spread across Mozambique, once one of the poorest and most war-torn countries in the world. Greatly influenced by his grandfather’s experience of revival among poor orphans in China, his ministry emphasizes immediate intimacy with Jesus, a life of utterly-needed miracles, concentration on the humble and lowly, willingness to suffer for love’s sake and the unquenchable joy of the Lord.

He combines a rich background in theological education with practical experience imparting the love of God to the most destitute and forgotten he and his wife could find. Now Iris Global has bases in countries around the world carrying their values with power and simplicity.

Heidi Baker, PhD


Heidi Baker founded Iris Global in 1980 with her husband Rolland, and began ministering together in Asia. In 1995 they were called to the poorest country in the world at the time, Mozambique, and faced an extreme test of the Gospel. They began by pouring out their lives among abandoned street children, and as the Holy Spirit moved miraculously in many ways a revival movement spread to adults, pastors, churches and then throughout the bush all across Mozambique’s ten provinces.

Heidi is now “Mama Heidi” to thousands of children, and oversees a broad holistic ministry that includes Bible schools, medical clinics, church-based orphan care, well drilling, primary schools, evangelistic and healing outreaches in remote villages and a network of thousands of churches. She has BA, MA and PhD degrees, has authored four books and travels the world as a conference speaker.