Our news has been delayed by the onset of terrorism in our northern province of Cabo Delgado, and of course the threat of coronavirus spreading rapidly among the crowded towns and villages around us. Heidi and I ourselves are just ending our own self-quarantine as the government orders a country-wide lockdown. With the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in place, it’s been a joy and blessing to see all our larger churches multiply into groups of forty, allowing ten neighbors to join each of these new congregations, which we call houses of prayer.

Our response to this coronavirus should begin with the fear of the Lord, total humility, respect for His sovereignty, and a love for His eternal purposes and ways. He is not subject to our own desires and plans, or our own prayers, declarations, and prophesies. He is not intimidated by anyone, and is not in a desperate struggle with the enemy. He is utterly capable of changing our minds and hearts through experience and circumstances. He is able to look after his own reputation. His kindness and severity are both triumphant. It is we who must change, not he. The Kingdom functions under the government of God to the glory of God. It is not under our control. This world is completely at the mercy of God, which is precisely our hope and joy!

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